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Magento Website Optimization

Creating Efficient Magento
Code Is At the Heart of What We Do

Our developers, designers, and system administrators optimize your Magento site in order to maximize efficiency and functionality. By testing different speed enhancements, conversion rate optimization tactics, feature upgrades, and security patches, we are able to determine which elements will create the most successful outcome for our clients.

Speed Enhancements

Did you know that 40% of shoppers will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Countless studies have shown that improving your site’s performance can be one of the fastest ways to increase your conversion rate, and in turn, your profits. Creatuity’s Magento Performance Tune Up Package will ensure your Magento site is loading as fast as possible, increasing sales. Many of our clients have seen their load times reduced by 75% or more after we’ve applied our Magento performance tuneups.

To keep your site moving quickly despite high traffic, our team provides a series of advancements including image optimization, Content Delivery Network, and hosting environment analysis.

We will start by creating a development copy of your site to allow work to be done without disrupting your live site. We then perform a complete performance analysis of your Magento installation, your server, and your site’s frontend/theme.

  • Image optimization: Reduces the size of the images without reducing the quality.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Uses a network of servers to load files quickly based on location. The CDN servers closest to the website visitor deliver the content.
  • Hosting environment analysis: Analyze and provide suggested changes to your hosting environment. This may include adding more servers, changing server configurations, change hosting providers, etc.

Our site performance tuneups based on this analysis, include the following items:

  • Enabling full-page caching (available for both CE and EE)
  • Ensuring appropriate headers are set to enable browser caching
  • Optimize images to load faster
  • Enabling transfer compression so pages load faster
  • Combination and minification of all Javascript and CSS
  • Parallelize downloads across multiple subdomains (sharing)
  • Configuration and deployment of a Content Delivery Network
  • Tuning your database server for maximum performance

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Conversion Rate Optimization

In essence, the purpose of conversion rate optimization is to increase the percentage of site visitors who convert into customers. It involves a set of techniques that simplify the shopping experience for the buyer, thus increasing the likelihood that they will complete a purchase.

  • Customer Segmentation: Segmenting your customers can ensure you show the right shopper the right content. By providing each potential customer with products customized to fit their wants and needs, they are more likely to complete a sale. Customers can be segmented by gender, location, order history, product views, and more.
  • Elasticsearch: Integrate Elasticsearch technology for scalability and flexibility when handling large catalogs. Elasticsearch provides suggestions for customer misspellings and related products through synonym management to increase product relevancy for shoppers and allow them to find items faster.
  • Instant Purchase: This tool allows returning shoppers to checkout instantly. Customers can store their payment and shipping information to skip checkout steps, making the process faster and easier, especially for mobile shoppers.

Want to read even more? Visit our Conversion Rate Optimization web page.

Feature Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your existing site? We can do that, too. In addition our extensive background in extending Magento by integrating it with 3rd party applications. The Creatuity team has mastered the building of new features and functions such as Chatbots, Progressive Web Applications, and instant purchase functionality. Contact us today with your needs so we can discuss a custom program that fits your needs.

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Security Optimization

For clients on Magento Open Source or hosting Magento Commerce on another hosting platform, we have an in-house system administrator available to review the hosting environment and ensure the site remains secure. This includes firewall, spam blockers, backups, and disaster recovery plans. Contact us for more information on how we can secure your platform to meet your internal or external compliance needs.

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