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Magento Maintenance & Support Services

Technical Support

In addition to our Magento Development & Design service for building new websites and redesigning existing ones, Creatuity also provides ongoing Magento support services for interested clients. These support services are designed to help take your site from good to phenomenal, with a focus on increasing performance and completing ongoing site maintenance to keep your site in peak condition. We have several packages available to meet almost any budget.

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Need assistance learning your new technology? Creatuity has you covered. We have experience training merchants and their employees on using the Magento Admin Panel to manage daily store operations. We can train executives, customer service teams, store employees, developers and more, to use the Magento Admin Panel to manage daily store operations.

Examples of our training expertise:

  • Using Magento Business Intelligence to power their reporting and manage their KPIs.
  • Customer service teams on entering orders, managing returns, and other common requests.
  • Managing Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) and Ship-From-Store orders as part of an complete omnichannel experience.
  • Magento best practices and newly implemented customizations, empowering them to manage the site once launched.

Launch Marketing Support

Launching an e-commerce site is a large undertaking, but bringing your business online is just the beginning. Once you’ve launched, you need to be continually testing, evaluating, and improving your e-commerce presence.

While some agencies prefer to launch sites and then move on to the next project, at Creatuity we partner with our clients for their long-term success, working with them for years after the initial launch of their Magento-powered e-commerce site.

We’re available to help evaluate your existing site to determine what areas should be improved or tested. Once we’ve identified critical areas to focus on, we will assist you in:

  • conducting usability studies to develop potential improvements.
  • split-testing to determine the direct impact those potential improvements will have on your revenue.
  • using acquired data to guide you to the best possible decisions for your business.

We also offer installation and setup of Google Analytics to ensure you have access to critical data, then incorporate SEO on page best practices to ensure the site performs well in search engines. A pre-launch checklist review provided by our expert team establishes that the site is ready to go live, including a review of SEO, security, and e-commerce best practices.

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Creatuity Has One Of The Largest

Teams Of Certified Magento Specialists

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