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With the most Magento 2 Certified Professionals in Texas, over 400 Magento projects to date, and 10 years of experience, our expertise in the ecosystem is clear. Our developers have handled some of the largest Magento implementations in the world and have continuously provided leading innovations in the Magento ecosystem.


Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce features are made with consumer satisfaction in mind. It allows merchants to have complete control over their customer experience, further personalize content and site structure, and deliver the smoothest path to purchase possible. Magento Commerce features Page Builder functionality, which utilizes a simple drag and drop capability.

How to Choose the Best Magento Agency in Dallas
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Magento Order Management

Bridge the gap between your online and physical worlds. Connect your site, retail stores, and warehouses with Magento Order Management. Make the shopping experience seamless for your customers by satisfying their needs across all mediums.


Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence has a simple dashboard that makes it easy for merchants to monitor business health. The dashboard includes data such as Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Retention rates, etc. Unleash the true power of your data with the complete business intelligence capabilities below.

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Extending Magento Using APIs

Magento 2 comes out-of-the-box with several predefined APIs that allow merchants to control virtually anything on their M2 site. APIs are reusable, secure, and manageable — once created, an API can provide data over and over again.

With the Magento web API framework, Creatuity can integrate web services that communicate with the Magento system to perform a wide array of tasks, such as creating shopping apps, integrating with CMS, CRM and/or ERP platforms, and building JavaScript widgets in the Magento storefront or admin panel.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs for short, are taking the technology industry by storm. They offer a solution to the many issues merchants, consumers, and developers encounter with omnichannel commerce. PWAs allow sites to present products and information in a consistent, engaging, and quick format that reigns superior to both websites and applications. They act like an application, but can live on mobile websites – thus eliminating the need to download an application from the app store, saving users both time and space.

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Creatuity Has One Of The Largest

Teams Of Certified Magento Specialists

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