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Magento Omnichannel Development

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Explore strategies for boosting revenue, customer engagement, and lifetime value. Touch individual customers over a variety of channels that seamlessly connect, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel, and continue the experience on another.

Omnichannel Marketing

About Omnichannel E-commerce

Omnichannel e-commerce is a fully-integrated approach to commerce, giving shoppers a unified experience across all channels or touchpoints. Common approaches include ensuring a buyer’s needs are met whether they are shopping via desktop, mobile, or even in a physical store. 

True omnichannel shopping experiences go beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores to mobile-browsing, online marketplaces, social media, and wherever your users browse online. It simplifies the shopping experience and increases sales by ensuring a more pleasant customer experience and greater customer loyalty.

The omnichannel experience is consistent, allowing consumers to purchase wherever they are, while communicating using the channel they want and at the stage of the customer lifecycle that is best for them.

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Omnichannel E-Commerce

The Omnichannel Experience

Here is what an omnichannel experience might look like:

  1. A customer searches on Google and finds your solution, then views your website. 
  2. An integrated chat and voice module allows you to communicate with the customer while they shop.
  3. Customers receive custom emails confirming their packages or instructions to pick them up from the store.
  4. For those picking up in store, an alert has already been sent to the store notifying the backoffice team to have the product ready for customer pickup.
  5. When receiving the package at home, the unboxing experience includes inserts that upsell or promote other inventory along with discounts and loyalty programs, along with a URL to leave a review.
  6. The landing page may trigger a tracking code for use in later retargeting on social media and search.
  7. An email drip campaign is then triggered that enables loyal clients to get discounts, view private collections, special event tickets and enable pop ups for logged in visitors on a website.

Creatuity can make your brand omnipresent. Integrating your website, advertising, SEO, support, and social media offerings can form a branded and blended experience for your customers. We help you focus on your:

  • Online discovery and purchase touchpoints
  • Devices used
  • Marketing strategy
  • Technology decisions

Creatuity Helps Rural King Meet Their Omnichannel Objectives

Our in-house team of Magento experts are no strangers to creating successful omnichannel experiences for our clients. Our award-winning work with Rural King included an entire rehaul of their previous infrastructure. Rural King, a brand with an e-commerce site and over 100 retail stores, wanted to streamline their in-store and online customer experience. To maximize their efforts to satisfy their growing consumer base, we used Magento to  launch an e-commerce business intelligence and omnichannel development. This allowed customers to buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS, also known as ISPU, or in store pick up), buy online and ship to store, buy online and have a vendor ship to the store, and buy online and ship from store (essentially turning every store into a distribution center). By incorporating all of these options, purchasing became easier for consumers, and Rural King’s strategies became more efficient. It was a win-win.

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