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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

Why Creatuity is the Best Choice Agency
for Your Magento Migration

Magento 1 is nearing end-of-life and will no longer receive support from Magento. By June 2020, your e-commerce store will need to move to Magento 2 or your site could suffer from security breaches, PCI compliance issues, and higher support costs.

What Sets Creatuity Apart?

Most agencies are simply cloning data; with our migration tools we can verify and control each migrated detail—release by release—allowing us to tailor-make changes as needed. This allows us to customize the e-commerce experience you desire for your unique business.

Migration is at the core of what we do

Not only was Creatuity one of the first companies to migrate clients from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but since then we have developed an in-house set of custom migration tools that account for common migrations frustrations, like extensions and data corruption. The result: We can migrate your site faster and with fewer errors than any other specialist in the US.

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration 2

Migrate Faster Than Ever Before

There is no quick fix when migrating or replatforming. When you factor in thousands of data points, design elements, code differences, and more, several factors must be considered. Our in-house proprietary tools keep migration projects quick and cost effective. For mid-size clients, this can mean reducing a 150 hour project to less than 100 hours, resulting in a faster time to market.

Theme and data migration

While the Creatuity team can smoothly move most any data, Magento itself does not allow for the migration of extensions and customizations. However, we can help clients decide what extensions are still needed, and what extensions can be removed due to Magento 2’s breadth and depth of native capabilities. We can replicate your design, develop a new one in the current Magento 2 front-end tech stack, or move to a PWA (Progressive Web App), which will be the standard front-end tech stack in 2020-2021.

Creatuity Adds Another Layer of Standards

Creatuity specifically holds our QAs to a higher standard in order to provide the best quality code without loopholes. By enhancing our own certification standards to our quality assurance process, we guarantee better code, and a better client experience, every time.

QA doesn’t just end when your site goes live

In addition, Creatuity offers a complete training and support package for executives, customer service teams, store employees, developers and more; keep your site fresh by using the Magento Admin Panel to manage daily store operations. If your team does not want to take on the day to day operations, we have a complete support package and launch marketing support for any budget or staffing requirement.

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A proven process for customizing your migration

With over 400+ Magento builds under our belt, we know that every e-commerce build is different. Regardless, there are several general steps we take for every migration project. Each migration starts with a thorough design and discovery workshop. Together, we assess what elements of your current design you want to migrate and what you will want to update.

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Creatuity Has One Of The Largest

Teams Of Certified Magento Specialists

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