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Magento Infrastructure Assessment

Magento Infrastructure Assessments

How much do you really know about the core components of your website’s infrastructure and its ability to support your company’s business initiatives?

As an element of our optimization process, infrastructure assessments can determine why your website may not be running at its peak performance. several factors can cause slow websites, such as plugin incompatibility, inefficient code, server setup, or lack of proper compression techniques. Regardless of the reason, studies have consistently shown that fast page speeds result in better conversion rates.

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More Than Just Site Speed Can Affect Business Revenue

During this assessment we will access several factors, determine which elements will create the most successful outcome for our clients, and develop a plan to maximize efficiency and functionality:

  • Storage: We will review your current storage set-up to determine if it’s optimized. This includes assessing the type of storage you have, it’s performance level, and capacity. We will assure your storage is not oversubscribed, which affects any database-driven processes.
  • Disaster Recovery: A recovery plan is vital so that you can restore your site if you experience a system failure or crash. After assessing your current program, including how you perform back-ups and how long it will take you to recover from a data loss, we can prescribe a support plan that fits your needs.
  • Operating Systems: Our team will determine if your site is set-up to take advantage of best practices. This includes reviewing necessary patches that affect PCI compliance, such as SSL installation, plugin maintenance, security and others.

Infrastructure Site Enhancements

While Magento Commerce Cloud offers solutions to infrastructure assessment, merchants who are not on the Commerce Cloud edition of Magento can seek us for help.

For clients who are not on Magento Commerce Cloud, we recommend the best host for each project. Hosts often provide backups and increased security. The number of servers that each site needs varies from project to project; however, at least one web server and one dB server is needed for each site, at minimum. Additional features and technologies will be recommended by our System Administrator and can vary from project to project.

We also perform assessment on new sites prior to starting your Magento development.

A list of potential advancements to a site’s current infrastructure is provided below:

Magento Infrastructure Assessment 3
  • Server Environment
  • Host
  • Application Delivery
  • Print Environment
  • Network
  • Storage and Capacity
  • End User Devices
  • Speed
  • Response Time
  • Backup
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Disaster Plan
  • Security

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