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Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase Sales by Optimizing Your
E-commerce Store Conversion Rates

From product promotion and security, to speed of checkout and call to actions, Creatuity can help build a site optimized for your needs.

A user is considered “converted” when they perform a certain action on a certain page. There are several different types of conversions (fill out a form, pick up the phone, download a piece of material, watch a video). Not all of them need to result in a “buy now” button, but if this is your measurement criteria, and you are not getting the conversions you want, then you should consider Creatuity’ s team of consultants for evaluating your conversion analytics.

From product promotion and security, to speed of checkout and call to actions, Creatuity can help build a site optimized for your needs.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Conversions

Conversion optimization may be one of the most important aspects of building your site. Numerous factors need to be evaluated including:

  • Design: According to a recent study by Adobe, 38% of shoppers will leave a website if they don’t find the design attractive. With a statistic like that, having a well-constructed user experience (UX) is a must for merchants. The Creatuity design team will help you to create a seamless brand and customer experience for your business by incorporating vital design aspects into your online store that will reduce bounce rates, increase engagement, and encourage high conversion rates.
  • Navigation: Have you ever gone to a site’s home page and then gotten lost in a myriad of navigational menus and subpages not knowing how to get back home? Integrated Search along with a logical navigational structure can both increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Call-to-action: Most people are aware that you need to have one, but not everyone knows that the design, placement, and size can all affect conversation rates. As part of the design aspect of our program, we will look at the size of an element relative to its surrounding elements, the number of calls for action, how we draw user attention with prominent positioning and the use of whitespace.

Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile-Driven Commerce.

A Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a web application that uses modern web technologies and design patterns to provide a reliable, fast, and engaging user experience. PWA websites are faster, more secure, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. They are also able to work offline and act like a native app on mobile devices.

Creatuity was one of the first in the industry to develop a PWA-based platform and continues to lead the industry in modern web development.

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