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Advanced Inventory Management for Manufacturers Distributors

Advanced Inventory Management for Manufacturers Distributors 1

Advanced Inventory Management for Manufacturers Distributors

With the release of Magento’s multi-source inventory (MSI), Magento merchants can now track inventory in all relevant sources. This allows the merchant to offer in-store-pick-up (ISPU) plus, provide real-time visibility into what is available at each location. Orders can be fulfilled from multiple locations and sourcing logic streamlines fulfillment. While this feature has received much publicity and popularity for retailers, one of the common use cases is for manufacturers and distributors who frequently have multiple warehouses to fulfill orders from and/or allow quick pickup at a nearby location.

Manufacturers and distributors continue to expand their online ordering capabilities to keep up with competition and lower the costs of overhead. Some also offer direct-to-consumer (D2C) experiences alongside their traditional business-to-business (B2B) primary model. Creatuity has helped many manufacturers and distributors launch omnichannel experiences utilizing Magento Commerce.

Fittings Unlimited Inc (MyFUI.com) is a leading distributor of fittings and adapters across the United States and Canada. Based in Arlington, Texas, their knowledgeable team is known for providing exceptional customer service. Fittings Unlimited partnered with Magento Commerce and Creatuity to build a new site that delivered personalized pricing and inventory availability to their customers. A top priority was allowing the customer to control their experience, choosing their own warehouse.

Creatuity utilized MSI, integrated with the client’s ERP (Distribution 1) to provide live inventory availability for over 20,000 products across six warehouses. Customers are able to select which warehouse they prefer based on product availability or proximity. The new site also provides live per-customer pricing pulled from the ERP. While per-product and per-customer pricing is not a core capability of MSI today, it is a common enhancement which Creatuity can provide.

Fittings Unlimited customers are complimenting their staff on the site’s ability to provide an easy-to-understand ordering process for a relatively complex product offering. Distributors and manufacturers that are looking to allow more self-serve ordering options for their customers should consider Magento Commerce combined with MSI. If you would like more information, please contact Creatuity below.