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25% Revenue increased – Fittings Unlimited Inc. Case Study

25% Revenue increased - Fittings Unlimited Inc. Case Study 1

25% Revenue increased – Fittings Unlimited Inc. Case Study

About the Client

Fittings Unlimited Inc. is a leading distributor of fittings and adapters across the United States and Canada. Based in Arlington, Texas, their knowledgeable team is known for providing exceptional customer service. With 6 warehouses and around 24,000 products, they have a large database of products with varying availability across two countries.


Fittings Unlimited, Inc. faced similar problems that many distributors deal with every day. Customers have a hard time finding exactly what they need and ordering quickly across over 20,000 skus in the catalog. Plus all their products have three distinct variations: metal, origin, and size which makes for a confusing search and ordering process. With six warehouses across the country they must be able to track inventory between these locations so they can get the right product to the right customer as quickly as possible. Further complicating things, each customer has negotiated pricing for individual products. Lastly, much of their sales continues to be driven by sales reps, yet they recognized that they wanted to put more information and ordering power directly in the hands of their customers.


With the Magento Commerce platform and solution partner Creatuity, Fitting Unlimited was ready to deliver the next-gen commerce solution that their customers expect. Using the Magento Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) functionality, the customer can see what is on-hand at each of their six locations. Creatuity expanded this functionality further to display the customer’s preferred location(s) and other sourcing logic. The customer has ultimate control over sourcing, even allowing inventory fulfillment from individual warehouse(s) of the customer’s choosing.

Magento Commerce is connected with their ERP systems, D1, through an API to deliver on-hand inventory across many locations. The connection also helps customers quickly view their specific negotiated pricing for each item. This is a live integration, so that as sales reps are negotiating prices, the customers are seeing their rates immediately.

Ultimately, the new site is an extension of their sales team, sourcing new customer applications that are reviewed and authenticated. Sales reps are freed from the time-consuming task of taking small orders, and can focus their time on higher return activities.

Magento Commerce core B2B functionality, such as Net Terms, Quick Order form, and ability to enter a PO# during checkout, made launching the new site quick. Focusing a clean design, and enhanced site search experience ensure that FUI’s customers are satisfied with their easy purchasing experience.


Customers have been extremely satisfied with the new website experience. They can find what they are looking for quickly, and place orders without the need for sales representatives if desired. They also have more control and visibility of when they can expect to receive their products. The new website has modernized internal workflows, streamlined systems integrations, and pleased customers. Customer website satisfaction ratings are up by 28%.

During the first three months after the site launched, the percentage of revenue from internet sales increased by 25% and is on target to meet 2023 goals in 2021.This is primarily due to a significant increase in Average Order Value (AOV). This serves as further proof of the customer’s ease of finding products and placing orders. Also, the page speed has significantly improved on Magento Commerce Cloud, which makes ordering even quicker.

Client Quote

“The entire Creatuity development team, from the Service Delivery & Project Managers to the Developers and QA, was tremendously knowledgeable, efficient and easy to work with.  There was every confidence that all considerations were being given to quality of our site, our timeline and budget.  Fittings Unlimited is very fortunate to have partnered with Creatuity.”

Kathleen Jones
Marketing Manager